Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Monkey - Week 27

Twenty Seven weeks. Just thirteen more weeks and we will be able to meet this little guy. Time is going by so quickly! Thank you to my dear friend who kindly took these photos for me last weekend. 

 photo IMG_8645_zpsc1c4f4b9.jpg

 photo IMG_8626_zpse2a68a4b.jpg photo IMG_8633_zps3ca9783b.jpg

 photo IMG_8714_zps141473d4.jpg

 photo IMG_8693_zpsa0d14a5d.jpg

 photo IMG_8720_zps42f657d1.jpg

 photo IMG_8716_zps9e5954f3.jpg photo IMG_8629_zps37cf8bc3.jpg

 photo IMG_8723_zps11515338.jpg

//Thoughts this week//
- I came down with a cold this week. I forgot that pregnant ladies can't really take much in the way of cold medication so I just had to ride it out. Not fun. Don't go near a pregnant lady when you are sick. It's just so un fun for her. And her husband ;)
- This week marked the beginning of the third trimester! Things are moving so fast now it's hard to keep up with everything I would love to have done before his arrival.
- I have yet to have any typical pregnancy cravings. No pickles and ice cream or cheesies and penut butter. I have been eating a more than average amount of cereal, but I can't really tell if that's craving related or just me being lazy ;)
- Gestational Diabetes test came back negative! Great news! So glad to have that test over and done with.

1 comment:

Joy Fricker said...

Katrina, you look so beautiful! Love the photos.

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